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I would like to run against Dianne Feinstein State Senator for California a Democrat who does not oppose the issues of Sanctuary Cities, is not in favor of lowering Taxes both personal and Corporate to increase Manufacturing and Jobs. Has done little to advance California's eroding infrastructure (Dams - Bridges - Roads). Made trivial to no attempts to influence the Governor to work with Corporations thus increasing jobs and reducing our record high unemployment. The unemployment rate in California is one of the highest in the Nation at 6.3% and more jobs are being lost. Has pursued her own agenda's with little regard for the citizens of California. It is time we elect a person such as myself who cares about our State and it's citizens, their safety and well being. We need to have a friendlier atmosphere for businesses so as to attract them into the State thus creating more job opportunities and better economic growth. California's deficit is at 1.9 Billion and getting worse. The Democratic answer is raise taxes (including gasoline). California's crime rate has increased by 8.4% and is on the rise and will continue if we don't stop it at our borders. We should allow people into our Country that want to enter legally and who are able to support themselves and contribute to the community in which they live. It is also time to have a Senator that will stand up for the rights of the people and promote the people's agenda and not his own. I intend on doing this. I need to have at least 10,000 people sign this petition so that I can run for office and represent the people.

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