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Havering council are currently decanting regeneration sites and offering direct vacant properties to regeneration residents, leaving those on the housing register with little hope of being rehoused.
Since January they have been decanting the sites giving direct offers of flats and houses which amounted to 37 property offers which were accepted in the first month, only a fraction of this amount has been advertised on ellc bidding site for current registrants!
Some of the families on the waiting list are living in damp and mold ridden properties in overcrowded conditions with young children who's health are having an impact on their living conditions. Some of these people are at the top of the housing list but now hold little hope of being rehoused any time soon.
There are 900 properties that need to be rehoused on the regeneration sites and the entire project may take up to 7 years or longer.
Ellc are currently offering the occasional 2/3 bed flat but no houses have been offered for some time.
This needs to be stopped and a fairer process implemented!

We, the undersigned call upon Havering to stop the unfairness of the housing offers to regeneration and give us equal oppertunities on all property types. We would like no more than 50% of properties to be offered to regeneration and want property types such as houses and flats split equally, both council and housing association and change the rule according to reduction of properties advertised for bidding regarding becoming struck off the register if no bid made in 6 months.

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