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Petition to create a memorial to Robert Thornton at Stonegrave.

Reverend Susan Bond and Stonegrave Minster PCC

Dear Revd. Bond and members of Stonegrave PCC,

We are writing as members of the Early Book Society with a proposal for a memorial to Robert Thornton (c.1400-1470) in Stonegrave Minster.

As you know, the Thornton family were benefactors of Stonegrave from the fourteenth through seventeenth centuries. The tomb of Robert Thornton’s parents survives in the north aisle, but his own tomb was evidently demolished in the rebuilding of 1863.

Our interest in Robert Thornton lies in his contribution to the survival of a significant body of literature from medieval England. Thornton collected, copied and preserved a wide range of works, religious and secular, in two important manuscripts – Lincoln Cathedral MS 91 and British Library, MS Add. 31042. These include unique copies of works that would otherwise be lost to us.

Members of this Society have worked on Thornton’s legacy for many years, and we are increasingly impressed with the scale of his achievement. At recent meetings of the Society at Western Michigan University and St Andrews University, it was a matter of concern that Thornton has been virtually forgotten in his home territory, and it was agreed that the Society should initiate this proposal.

With your agreement and participation, we should like to launch an international appeal across the scholarly community to raise funds for a suitable memorial, such as a plaque, together with a contribution towards associated refurbishment of the church. We hope you find this idea attractive and also that there would be local interest in restoring Thornton to his place in local history.

If we have your agreement to take this further, we suggest that a steering group be set up to launch the appeal as widely as possible and also to deal with obtaining the necessary permissions.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards,
Martha W. Driver
Chair, Early Book Society
August 5, 2013

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