Neil Portnow President of the Recording Academy

This petition is for Latin American singer Tito Rodriguez for his contribution to Latin music as a Singer, Composer, Orchestra Leader, and TV personality.

He has recorded over 60 albums in his career with over 13 million records sold during his 25 years in the music industry.

Tito Rodriguez recorded with major Record Labels such as RCA,Musicor and
United Artists.

He was one of the first to own a Latin Record Company TR Records.

His life was shortened after being diagnosed with Leukemia and sadly passed away February 20, 1973.

His last performance was at Madison Square Garden before a completely sold out audience.

He continues to sell records to this day worldwide and is the #1 re-released Latin artist.

He has 364 songs on ITunes.

We are seeking from The Recording academy to acknowledge his contributions to Latin music worldwide as a singer/ entertainer with a Posthumous Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award from The Recording Academy.

We the undersigned call on the Recording Academy to present Tito Rodriguez with
a Posthumous Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to Latin music worldwide.

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