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Charlton Residents
United Kingdom

I'm trying to get a list of names together to persuade the awesome Antic Group to take over the White Swan or another venue in Charlton!

If you've ever been to one of their pubs, you'll know that they deliver good food (I'm a vegan but I have it on good authority that the roast is one of the best pub roasts ever!), a lovely atmosphere (family friendly) and good ales and wine.

They have shown a small interest but I need more help. If you're with me, sign this petition so we can bring a great British Pub to Charlton soon......


We, the undersigned, are in desperate need of a decent pub in SE7!

The White Swan is up for grabs and with your makeover it would be a brilliant addition to Charlton. We are crying out for a great pub in the area, why don't you get in here quick!!


In all seriousness, please please please pick up this pub, we need one!!

With all of the new developments happening in 2015, largest Sainsbury's in the UK, a new M&S and IKEA - Charlton is going to be the place to be……

Help us survive SE7 and bring us a pub!

Thanks for listening :-)

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