Alex Hills Hotel

Stripper Poles lead too ice crimes and prostitution. Let's end the madness before its too late!!

Dear fellow concerned citizens of the Redlands. As you all know by now I'm a huge advocate for fighting for what's best for our troubled youth. That's why I Sandra K recently shed some light on the Redlands dirtiest secret, the Alex Hills Hotels underground lair of sex drugs and stripper poles! Due to the overwhelmingly positive response I received I have created this petition for YOU! The bright future of mine and my kids community! I encourage all my fans to use their heads and join me on my quest to put an end to the disgustingly sinful poles that research shows can lead to drug addiction and prostitution. The future is in your hands Redlanders! Remember a better tomorrow starts today! Yours sincerely Sandra K .

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The #TearDownThePoles! petition to Alex Hills Hotel was written by Sandra and is in the category Youth at GoPetition.