Baguio City Council

To take back a community's sense of pride and togetherness.

Session Road, the Central Business District used to showcase the best of Baguio City. Orderliness, peace, cleanliness have now been replaced by over population, smog, and visual noise via the numerous advertising billboards.

To reclaim the community's sense of togetherness and civic pride, we ask that the City Council, the proprietors of the buildings, and the Corporations that put up these billboards take down these large tarpaulins. They are not only a threat during typhoons but they also overwhelm certain historical / architectural sites in the city.

We need to reclaim our panorama of hillsides, sunrises/sunsets, forest views, etc. if only to create a semblance of 'order' in the city.

The proliferation of these billboards in the city has led to the diminishing of Baguio's character that set it apart from other destinations not only in the Philippines but in Asia.

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