University of Michigan
United States of America

Paper recycling plays an important role in preventing deforestation, reducing air pollution and energy consumption, and saving landfill space.

The Rachel Upjohn Building, part of of the East Ann Arbor Health Center at the University of Michigan, is an outpatient psychiatric treatment and research facility that produces large quantities of potentially recyclable paper trash, yet no system is in place for regular collection of paper recyclables from individual offices or shared spaces such as mail and conference rooms.

Although recycling bins are located outside the back of the building, the majority of staff, faculty, and students working in the center do not have time to take their personal paper recycling to the bins on a regular basis.
Consequently, vast amounts of paper are directed to garbage facilities instead of recycling bins.

We, the undersigned, call on the University of Michigan to stop contributing to deforestation, excess energy consumption, and air pollution by setting up a system for regular collection of paper recyclables at the Rachel Upjohn Building as soon as possible.

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