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The Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) is one of the most important Greek Research Centres with more than 70 years of history.

The Greek Government, in the name of applying measures for the reduction of public expenses, is planning to immediately suppress the annual state funding of HCMR by 30%, with the eventual goal of making it a private institution.

Today, Greece allocates less than 0.6% of its GDP for research, compared to the 1.85% EU average. Given that private funding for aquatic research in Greece is extremely limited, especially during the current economic recession, the reduction of state funding will devastate our multidisciplinary European Centre, constricting our capacity for research and education, and arresting our activities in the Mediterranean and beyond.

These measures equate to a black out in marine research in Greece that will persist for several years, in a country that is surrounded by the sea. Experienced scientists and technicians will be driven to unemployment.

If we do not act now it will take several decades to recover and rebuild what we have achieved so far! Having no other ways to protest against this unprecedented decision, we ask you to sign this petition, supporting us to fight the measures that are in the process of their final approval by the Greek State.

In this time of crisis, we, the undersigned, support the call of the HCMR employees, as described in the Background/Preamble, for the Greek Government to maintain the current level of state funding of the HCMR so as to continue its operation as a State Research Centre and promote future Greek contributions to earth sciences.

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