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The Forest Hive Project is the proposed music centre for Sherbrooke Community School and the surrounding community. Located within the grounds of Sherbrooke Community School, 'The Hive' will become the teaching and performance centre of the community, incorporating a 300 seat performance hall, rehearsal and staff spaces.

The Forest Hive Project has had enormous support across our Hills community and beyond from our Local State candidate John Schurink and Business community to our Arts and school’s communities. Jason Wood MP has also recommitted his support for the project in the latest Mail. https://rangestrader.mailcommunity.com.au/epaper/?action=subscribe

The project however now needs your support. We need to send a clear message that we, the people of the Hills and our children, value this project and want it to become a reality.

By signing this petition you are telling our State Ministers that you support the Forest Hive project and the many benefits it will bring to Sassafras and the surrounding hills community.

Please consider signing it and sharing this with your networks, families, and friends. Thank you

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