LimeLife by Alcone Corporate

As keen and entrepreneurial spirited individuals we have been working towards the launch of LimeLife by Alcone in Australia since the announcement of LimeLife’s global expansion strategy in 2017. With disappointment that our launch date has been postponed, we petition LimeLife by Alcone corporate, namely CEO Michele Mallardi-Gay and the Global Expansion Team, to reconsider this decision. This request is made on the basis that we believe the Australian market to be ready for, and in need of not only the LimeLife products, but also the business model and company values. It is our sincere belief and vision to see LimeLife making a tremendous impact on not only the industries of direct sales and beauty within Australia, but also in the lives of thousands of women and men. To emphasise this impact, we are collecting as many signatures across Australia from those committed to and ready for the LimeLife opportunity and/or products in our market!

We, future Independent Beauty guides for LimeLife by Alcone, petition the LimeLife corporate staff to reconsider the postponement regarding the official launch of the opportunity and product line in Australia! We are committed and ready to work hard towards successful and sustainable LimeLife organisations! To show support for us as Future Beauty Guides, or as a Future Beauty Guide yourself, please sign to emphasise that LimeLife Australia already has the support we need for success!

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