#Animal Rights
Stiffer penalties for Animal Abusers-End To BSL
United States of America

Two Teens in Baltimore Maryland, arrested for dousing a Pit Bull with Gas and setting it on Fire.

We the undersigned as American Citizens and Responsible Pet Owners, ask authorities to take action against the people who are responsible for this terrible crime of Animal Cruelty - of dousing and setting a poor Defenseless Pit Bull on Fire and left to Die, in the streets, while others stood and watched and laughed.

Please, we the people of this world ask you to consider this case as it is, a Heinous Crime and all other Cruelty/Neglect to Animals and make sure the Criminals will be Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law and the Laws need to be Stronger and Enforced better. Such a Heinous and cruel murder is not okay, because it is an animal and especially with Youth, what are they going to grow up and do, become the next Jeffery Dahmer, who started out killing neighbors animals? The Punishment Needs To Fit The Crime and they need Serious Psychological Help.

We The People Do NOT ACCEPT or support this kind of behavior and our United voices as Citizens with rights as set forth in Our Constitution Promises Us Life, Liberty and the Pursuit Of Happyness. These Criminals are taking that right from us with acts like this and only a slap on the wrist. Our Happyness is our pets and now they aren't safe anymore. If Pit Bulls were naturally human aggressive, they would not be the number one abused animal in the U.S. One Person Can Make A difference, PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION and join one person to make the world a better and safer place.

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