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Beginning March 1, Malaysian Special Forces attacked 250 men, women and children from Sulu, Philippines, who have a solid claim to the land with court judgments in their favor.

Many have died on both sides. It could go on for a geneation if not stopped early.

Killing began in North Borneo, or Sabah on March 1, 2013. Since then, a form of war has broken out. We the undersigned respectfully request that you and your government take official note of the conflict in Sabah.

Please forward this petition to your network. This petition aims to find swift peace and immediate humanitarian actions.

Whether it be the United Nations, The Organization of Islamic Countries, or any person of goodwill, we ask that they move with all possible speed. We ask all parties to stop the killing and allow humanitarian missions. We ask all parties to keep peace in mind at all times.

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