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Many persons have bought property through the legal channels in turkey only to find that their deeds have been sold on to others, and have had bank loans or mortgages put on to them.

Many of us have been going through the court system at a great expense only to find out that we have lost the apartments and will have difficulty in retrieving monies back from builders etc as they have gone bankrupt. We need to know where we stand with regards of retrieving monies back.

Please could everyone sign and pass on to everyone you know to help us and others get justice. We need the governments both in the UK and in Turkey to take note of this as many persons are still unaware of the problems they may be facing.

The government needs to take vast action to get their buying process up to date and computerised with links to the relevant agencies involved when it comes to buying in turkey to protect the buyers. Builders should not be allowed to build unless they put down a substantial amount of money as collateral and they should only take a small deposit from buyers and the buyer should then pay the balance on completion of the tapu into their own name.

There is also a webpage for people to post their problems and to support each other to get a better result:


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