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A wave of shock has permeated the Newport Heights Elementary community with news that our longtime teacher and librarian has been involuntarily transferred out of the school. On behalf of staff, parents, students and community members alike, this petition expresses the deep concern over this abrupt action and ask for the school board's consideration of reversing this decision.

Janice Cannon-Kyte is an invaluable member and favorite faculty member within our NHE family. She holds a Masters degree and National Board Certification with an immaculate school record for nearly 20 years with the Bellevue School District. Her tenure with BSD speaks volumes about the quality of her personality, work ethic and successes, and how they conform with NHE's staff and mission. In fact, she is a pillar of our school, providing immense stability for a community still healing and reconciling after a record faculty loss just one year ago.

The following quotes provide just a small snapshot of the impact Janice has had over the years:

“Janice is an extremely caring and effective teacher.” — NHE parent

“She puts her heart and soul into everything she does.” —NHE colleague

“Janice has an extraordinary ability to recognize skills students lack and work with them both on an individual level as well as with the class as a whole.” —NHE parent

“She works tirelessly to keep our library organized and the lessons both interesting and current for each student in K-5.” —NHE PTSA member

“She was my kindergarten teacher 15 years ago and was amazing. All my siblings had her too and loved her. She is part of what makes NHE such a special place and she absolutely deserves to stay a part of that community.” —Former NHE student

Countless parents choose to volunteer to work with Janice each year because they respect her dedication to the students and our school as a whole. Many say it is the highlight of their day. It's unclear to the NHE community what precisely transpired in the days or weeks leading up to this action. We would like to think there would have been an investigation and open dialogue before such drastic measures were approved. The outpouring of support upon hearing the news in the first 24 hours alone is truly amazing and begs the question: why are we sending away such a beloved figure of our community and school?

The community is urged to write letters to Dr. Mills and the school board. Here is a link to school board members:

Please support us by reading our petition below, adding your signature and forwarding to others.

We, the undersigned, call on the Bellevue School District Superintendent and district board members to reverse the decision to involuntarily transfer Janice Cannon-Kyte out of our school.

We implore the board to listen to the community at large, who question the validity of this action. If necessary, we demand a full investigation into the motives of this action that includes interviews with a broad selection of staff, parents and students both past and present, as well as, an interview with Janice herself.

It will be a challenge to find even one returning staff, parent or student who does not passionately want to see her return in the upcoming school year.

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