Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Malaysia

On behalf of all Malaysian consumers, we are calling on all fellow Malaysian consumers and stores to stop buying, selling and distributing SodaStream carbonated drinks and other products manufactured by this company.

SodaStream's main productions are based in the illegal Israeli settlement in occupied Palestine. It is found that the products have reached the Malaysian shores since 26 December 2012. We are opposed to any enterprise that robs the Palestinians of their land, resources and labor for capitalist gains.

The UN has also outlined these settlements as illegal under International Law and are impediments to the peace process between Palestine and Israel. We call all of you consumers with conscience to join us in opposing the distribution, buying and selling of SodaStream in Malaysia!

We, the undersigned, call on the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Malaysia to stop the distribution and selling of SodaStream in Malaysia which exploits Palestinian land, resources and labour.

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