University of Phoenix
United States of America

The students claimed that the University of Phoenix sought tuition payments directly from the students after they withdrew instead of deducting the payments directly from the students' loans;

The students withdrew because the quality of education they received from the University of Phoenix was extremely poor, the instructors would not help them, and some instructors went missing for a few days in the online classrooms. The University of Phoenix only operates to make a dollar. They do not care if you drop out or fail a class or have to repeat a class because the instructor went missing.

The University of Phoenix does not provide job placement services because nobody wants to hire University of Phoenix graduates.

Here is the Wikipedia information regarding the University of Phoenix (www.phoenix.edu) and all the legal battles this fraudulent company has lost. This information is taken directly from:


We, the undersigned, call on University of Phoenix to withdraw all current students and refund their tuition.

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