#Rohingya ethnic cleansing in Burma
American's against ethnic cleansing in Burma
United States of America

It’s horrific to see genocide of Muslims in Burma being tortured to death, burn live to death in groups, children and women are raped. Now it very much clear that Myanmar state power wants to wipe out Muslim Rohingyas from Myanmar.

United States has moral responsibility to save the lives of innocent people from the inhumane cruelty towards minority Rohingya. United States must send clear signal to Buddhist religious extremist as well as government that USA will never tolerate ethnic cleansing and genocide in Burma.

United States must initiate sending UN peacekeeping forces since Majority of Buddhist population and President of Burma are involved in this horrific crimes. Without international peace keeping force, more than 1.5 million Rohingya population will be extinct very soon due to mob attack, starvation, physical, psychological, emotional suffering from various kinds of abuses by security forces.

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