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In 2006 the Maryland legislature authorized, over a governor's veto, the use of speed cameras in Montgomery County under certain restrictions. Each year since then legislation has been introduced in the General Assembly which would have authorized an expansion of the system to other roadways in other parts of the state.

Meanwhile, the Montgomery County government has acted in bad faith, violating some of the original restrictions and blatantly using the cameras for revenue generation.

This continuous expansion of this system is violating the legal rights of Maryland drivers and is creating an oppressive environment for motorists. We demand that this stop.

NOTE: This is NOT the petition to force SB277 (statewide speed cameras) to a referendum. Go to www.mdscamera.com to learn about that!

We, the undersigned, oppose the use of of Speed Cameras in the state of Maryland.

These devices are not appropriate for a free society which values privacy and civil liberties. Automated traffic enforcement harms the legal presumption of innocence and the right of the accused to face their accuser. Because speed cameras can be used for revenue generation, they are certain to be abused and used in increasingly aggressive and sneaky ways to maximize that revenue. This will create an environment which will make ordinary drivers uncomfortable, and that will not benefit safety.

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