Inmates in Prison
United States of America

As of right now inmates @ least in some prisons in NY are able to get a college education FREE of charge! In Auburn prison the have students and professor's come in from Cornell and Syrucuse College's and teach these inmates. Now prison is suppost to be punishment but yet they've got more rights than you & I.

If we want a education we've got to pay for one. On top of it all they send female college girls in male prisons, not smart!! One of these days one of these girls are going to get attacked or worse by one of these inmates then what?! Most of these inmates are in for life they've got nothing to loose so attacking one of these college students would be nothing to them.

Why not try to stop this before it happens, before its too late?! Something that can be very easily prevented why not do it?!

We, the undersigned, call on the state of NY to stop giving inmates in prisons a free college education & stop sending college students in these prisons to teach these inmates especially female college students to male prisons. It's dangerous & they're not qualified to teach until they themselves have a degree.

If we the public have to pay for a education then so should inmates & as tax payers we're paying for their education! They've committed the crimes why should we have to pay for them to sit in prison & get a education for free?!

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