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In 2022, Kaylen Johnson of Louisiana was six months pregnant with her first daughter Heaven, when they were murdered, along with her son Kaden, by Heaven's father. According to the March 17 edition of the Baton Rouge Advocate, the killer "had insisted she get an abortion." The murder of pregnant women is the most violent form of forced abortion. By signing this biennial petition, we can stop all forms of forced abortion.

There are many forms of forced abortion, and the most violent form is the double homicide of a pregnant woman. We can know that forced abortion happens by the fact that homicide ranks as the number 1 cause of death for unwed pregnant women [1], while ranking number 17 for the rest of us. Those statistics prove that our existing homicide laws, by themselves, are not adequately protecting a woman's right to gestate, that is, to choose life.

The Right to Choose Life Act is a bipartisan bill of law, which would protect pregnant women by taking away the motive for the crime of forced abortion. Forced abortion is the illegal act of making a female abort against her will. The motive for the crime is the remission of child support debt. A male incurs a child support debt the moment he has impregnated a female to whom he is not legally married. But today, he is able to get his debt remitted by making her abort or by letting her parents make her abort.

The RTCL Act would take away the motive for forced abortion by identifying each newly incurred child support debt and requiring the debt to be paid, regardless of whether someone was to kill the creditor in the womb. That identification is made possible by recent advancements in DNA paternity testing, specifically, the non-invasive prenatal paternity (NIPP) test.

Unless she was raped, a woman who procures an elective abortion under the RTCL Act would incur about half of the man's child support debt, and their debt payments would then go towards the welfare of other underprivileged children. But the procurement of elective abortions will likely become rare under the RTCL Act, because it is unlikely that many women would be willing to incur half of a child support debt.

Since men are not always able and willing to pay off a child support debt in full, the RTCL Act provides a child support debtor with a way to receive debt relief from the state in exchange for him giving the state near 100% assurance that he will not fall deeper into child support debt. Details are in section 6 of the RTCL Act, which can be found on our website: www.RightToChoose.Life

For the sake of protecting women who want to gestate, each of us must be willing to give up a means of escape. If you are male, you would give up the means of escaping any child support debt that you might incur by impregnating a female to whom you are not legally married; and if you are female, you would give up the means of escaping a childbearing debt without incurring half of the accompanying child support debt.

I hope each of you is willing to make that sacrifice for the sake of women who want to choose life, and for the sake of their children. If you aren't so willing, why not? If you are, please sign this petition and share it with your family, friends, and neighbors. Thank you and may God bless you.

The creators of this bipartisan petition are mediators between pro-choice and pro-life people. The petition serves as a mediation settlement agreement (MSA), which we propose to you and your political opposition. By signing the MSA, you can "settle with your opponent quickly" (Matthew 5:25), at least as far as the divisive issue of abortion is concerned. If you would like to learn more about our ministry, please visit our website, www.RightToChoose.Life.

[1] Obstetrics & Gynecology: November 2021 - Volume 138 - Issue 5 - p 762-769, doi: 10.1097/AOG.0000000000004567

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