Chinese Government
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Each year over two million cats and dogs in China are rounded up and cruelly killed for their meat and fur.

Many are crammed - 10 or 15 at a time - into small wire cages. They lie helpless, in contorted positions. Many of the dogs are stolen family pets who still have on collars and tags. They are trucked across the country for days without food or water only to be slaughtered for meat for restaurants or skins for the fur industry.

For companion animals in China, there is no law protecting them from abuse, abandonment or outright torture. In an online poll, 89% of Chinese citizens called for the country to enact anti-cruelty legislation for animals. You can help provide worldwide pressure to achieve this goal.

Please send a letter to the Chinese Ambassador to the U.K. asking for national legislation in China to prevent cruelty to animals.

We, the undersigned, call on the Chinese government to stop cruel treatment towards dogs and cats.

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