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on behalf of Marston Moreteyne Action Group

The process for establishing an Incinerator is two stages. The Planning Permission stage in order to build the Incinerator and the Environmental Permitting stage in order to operate the building as an Incinerator. Sometimes these stages are done at the same time but it is not technically necessary to apply for an Environmental Permit until the building is completed. Due to the expense of building an Incinerator most Companies will want to be assured that they will receive an Environmental Permit before investing too much money.

In 2013 - following a lengthy battle by local/parish councils, Marston Moreteyne Action Group (MMAG) and local residents the Covanta Incinerator received planning permission and the resulting Development Consent Order (DCO )dictates the build that is allowed.

Later in 2013 - Covanta announced that it was looking for a buyer for its UK operations and did not pursue the DCO obtained. Note - the DCO allowed for 5 years after planning had been approved in order to build.

In May 2016 - Covanta released a press release stating that they had partnered with Veolia in order to renew their interest in building and operating an Incinerator in Rookery Pit.

As it stands at the moment - Covanta still need to apply for an Environmental Permit and groups and residents will be able to object to the Environment Agency.

Now the DCO has been granted and Covanta have no interest in changing any details and therefore reapplying - the following details are set:-

Capacity ________________________________________
Covanta have stated a slightly reduced amount of capacity at 480,000 tonnes a year as opposed to the originally quoted 585,000 tonnes. However the DCO allows for the higher tonnage and the build will reflect that.

Size ________________________________________
At 43 meters tall -the Main Building would be nearly the height of the Cardington Hangers.
At a minimum of 105 meters tall - the Chimney Stack would be considerably higher than the remaining Stewartby Brickwork Chimneys
The Visual Impact of the Incinerator would be great. It would be the dominating feature from all parts of the Marston Vale, Millbrook, Ampthill Park and the Greensand Ridge

The Building would be right up against the railway line at the edge of the Millennium Country Park
The loss, forever, of a rural landscape currently a haven to wildlife.
The permanent loss of night sky with severe light pollution from a site operating 24/7
The permanent loss of uniquely quiet area with site operating 24/7
Due to the Vale location there is a concern regarding proper dispersion of emissions

There is a lack of clarity about what will come out of an incinerators chimney(s) and its long term health implications
Concern regarding Vale location and proper dispersion of emissions
Covanta has a long documented history of repeatedly being fined over toxic emissions
Incinerators generate a TOXIC waste called Fly Ash. Together with Bottom Ash this accounts for approximately 25% of the original mass incinerated. What will happen to this ash? Will this then be moved off site to licensed landfill sites for such waste? By road through local villages? Or further down the line - is there to be a second development as part of Rookery Pit South - a licensed site for landfill of hazardous waste- which then takes in hazardous waste from other locations, by road, through our

Planning permission granted in 2013 allows vehicle movements of 700+ a day - that’s nearly 300 lorries
Vehicles would be arriving and departing between
7am and 11pm - 6 days a week
The new A421 was designed to cope with existing traffic problems and some elements of growth in Bedford Borough. The volume of lorry and associated traffic for a large scale industrial area will be beyond the capacity of the road
Despite tokenistic comments of a rail connection to the site the use of rail has been abandoned as too costly. All transportation on / off site will be by lorry

Unclear where the waste will be coming from
Covanta's only confirmed customer as of 2013 was Windsor and Maidenhead. However this Council has since signed a 15 year contract with a competitor - Viridor
Incinerators need feeding to be economically viable. This has the potential to damage the push for increased recycling
Are more Incinerators needed with increased recycling targets? Consultancy Eunomia said this May the 104.2 million tonnes per year of treatment capacity across Northern Europe will exceed the 90.4 million tonnes of residual waste expected to be produced in 2030.

What You Can Do________________________________________
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Remain ready to object to the Environmental Permit

Marston Moreteyne Action Group -

We the undersigned object to the proposal by Covanta to put an Energy from Waste plant in Rookery Pit South, Bedfordshire.

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