Montana Attorney General Tim Fox
United States of America

A petition requesting Montana Attorney General Tim Fox to declare the action of the Board of Public Education Mandating Common Core to be illegally enacted.

We the undersigned hereby request Montana State Attorney General Tim Fox to declare the actions of the Board of Public Education mandating Common Core Standards in Montana Public Schools to be unlawful under state law for the following reasons;

1) The action of mandating Common Core Standards will require school districts throughout the state to spend millions of dollars for items such as tests, computers, software and teacher training. This action may only be enacted after an intervening legislature has occurred between the board’s declaration and the adoption of such a monetary event. (Section 20-7-101 Montana Code Annotated).

2) The Public Board of Education did not hold public meetings, with proper notice, prior to enactment of Common Core. Montana state law calls for duly noticed public meetings prior to these changes. The Board held only professional meetings that were not noticed to the general public. ( Section 2-3-201 Montana Code Annotated).

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