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We understand how serious of a disease Aids is. We also know the deadly effects of cancer. What would happen if easily treated diseases like pneumonia and staff infection became threats to us.

If resistance to the antibiotics continues to develop we could see these treatable infections having a greater impact on our death toll. The United States spends 4 to 5 billion dollars each year on the fight against Antibiotic resistance. This is a large amount money that could be saved by simply having the FDA record and regulate the amount of Antibiotics used on the nations livestock.

Nearly 70% of the nations antibiotics that are purchased are used on animals. Animals receive antibiotics for two main reasons. One is for therapeutic reasons, meaning the animals are sick and need medical help. The other is for non-therapeutic reasons. Ranchers and Farmers give animals antibiotics to for growth purposes.

The problem and concern with using all of these antibiotics on our livestock is there is no rules or regulations on the use of them. Our nation leads the world in use of antibiotics on livestock. The European Union has banned the use of non-therapeutic antibiotics on animals. They have also banned the importing of meat from the United States.

The Government has no plan to ban the use of non-therapeutic antibiotics any time soon. With the growing number of food borne illness’ growing each year action needs to be taken before a widespread epidemic occurs.

We need to regulate the amount of Antibiotics used on our livestock. The best way to regulate would be to ban the use of non-therapeutic antibiotics in America. Also the FDA needs to have the farmers and ranchers record the amount of antibiotics given to the animals.

If we do this and create cleaner and safer living environments for animals we will be safer and much healthier. I don’t want my children to be threatened by death from curable diseases or the food they eat.

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