I am an African-American girl who makes straight A's and comes from a very good educated family.

I don't like that African-Americans these days are being portrayed as sex-craving, club going, rap loving, gangsters, crack heads, and etc.

It makes me feel really freakin' bad about my race. It makes me feel really bad that B.E.T. airs programming that makes African Americans look like a bunch of crap and people are sitting down laughing at that d*** s***.

Help put an end to this crap! All African-Americans aren't so bad! Some of us are f***in' educated! Some of us have a life other than going to clubs and making babies and etc.

God created us all equal! He wants us to love each other for who we are! He wants everyone to get along and think of each other as nice people! I think it'd be really nice if we do that!

Help put an end to African-American racism!

I'm Katrina and I approve this message.

(Sorry about all the profanity. I had to let my feelings out.)

We, the undersigned, call on every single person in the world to eliminate African-American racism.