Vale of Glamorgan Council
United Kingdom

Vale of Glamorgan Council have identified an area of land off Lavernock Road reaching to the coast as a potential area to build 450 houses.

We think the land should not be used for housing for the following reasons:
- the road and transport system in the area would be over-stretched
- the local schools are already full
- the land is currently used for agriculture and commercially as grazing for horses
- we want to reserve a green area between Lavernock and Sully to preserve the unique identities of the two areas
- we don't want 10 years of building work
- we believe additional housing, traffic and surface water would have a negative impact on Cosmeston Lakes Country Park

We, the undersigned, call on the Vale of Glamorgan Council to remove the area off Lavernock Rd / Fort Rd from consideration for housing as part of the Local Development Plan.

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