Last Man Standing - South Yorkshire
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The purpose of this petition is to raise the awareness of professional paid cricketers playing in amateur leagues; resulting in lack of participation from amateurs and stunting grass root level cricketers involvement.

Last Man Standing is an amazing platform for people of different walks of life to come together and play the wonderful game of cricket. LMS has been designed specifically for amateur players; the sole definition of amateur is 'someone who does something, because they enjoy doing it; they're not doing it for financial gain'.

Professionals are hampering the involvement of your everyday Joe Bloggs amateur cricketer; simply because the standard of amateur players is nowhere near that of a professional. Many LMS participants have voiced their concerns, as it is collectively felt that professionals hinder the growth of the amateur league and amateur players alike.

This completely goes against the ethos of Last Man Standing, who pride themselves on being the ‘widest reaching and leading global amateur cricket league in the world’. I would strongly urge Last Man Standing to look into this matter as a priority, as instances such as professional crickets playing in amateur cricket leagues has been the unfortunate demise of leagues abruptly ending.

We will continue to play as cricket fanatics, the league itself is fantastic; but unfortunately we have to Say No To Pros.

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