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Borough of Fort Lee Zoning Board of Adjustment
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Are you tired of Fort Lee traffic jams ?
Do you want to reduce overcrowding of Fort Lee schools ?
Are you burdened by taxes paid to sponsor long-term tax abatements realized by developers to construct more rental units ?

We, the undersigned, call on the Borough of Fort Lee Zoning Board of Adjustment to deny the application submitted by Kaufer Lane Associates (Docket #10-14), which proposes, in contravention of relevant zoning ordinances, the construction of an 18 story multiple dwelling building at 1636/1640 Kaufer Lane and 41/47/51/55 Main Street, Fort Lee, New Jersey.

The proposed 18 story HIGH-RISE development requests all major variance relief in the R-7A MID-RISE residence zone, including a D(6) variance for 45% increase in building height (from 100 ft. to 145 ft.), and C variances for 60% increase of lot size (from 40% to 64%), and 72% decrease of side-yard / garage setback (from 29 ft. to 8 ft.). The Borough of Fort Lee Zoning Board of Adjustment should be considerate of Fort Lee taxpayers' legitimate concerns and should deny an application that seeks relief from egregious zoning violations. Some of the taxpayers' concerns include:

1. The proposed 203-unit rental development will bring increased traffic to the narrow streets of Kaufer Ln, Old Palisade Rd, Cedar St, Federspiel St, Parker Ave, and Main St areas.

2. It will be a detriment to adjoining residential areas by blocking air/light/view, creating safety liabilities (i.e. limiting emergency vehicle access; blocking fire escape routes), and negatively impacting the quality of life.

3. With other new and upcoming High-Rise developments within 0.3 mile radius (i.e. Twenty Fifty, Hudson Light, and the Modern), the addition of Kaufer Ln Associates Development will further stress the overcrowded Fort Lee school system, escalate the demand for more policemen and fireman, increase the tax burden for Fort Lee residents, strain the saturated infrastructure, and devaluate neighboring properties.

We, the undersigned, in order to avoid the communal resulting adverse effects that will undoubtedly accompany the construction and development of the proposed project, strongly demand that the Borough of Fort Lee Zoning Board of Adjustment deny the aforementioned Development Application.

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