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A planning application has been lodged for a small plot of semi natural woodland to be developed into housing. 10 (7+3) terraced courtyard houses are proposed.

The plot consists of an east facing railway embankment; a narrow strip of land between the railway and Hayburn Lane, with around 80 mature and semi mature trees, bushes and natural undergrowth, which is bordering a recognised wildlife corridor running along the railway.

This small bit of Hayburn Lane is a quiet back lane, belonging to the properties of Hayburn Crescent, Victorian blond sandstone tenements, built in the 1880s.

The railway embankment and the lane are used by local children as a ‘wild’ place where they can play and build dens. A lot of people walk their dogs along the lane, and it is also used as a shortcut by pedestrians and cyclists. The trees form a natural screen from the busy railway line. The only traffic in the lane is currently the refuse collection and the odd delivery to the back gardens of Hayburn Crescent.

To make way for the buildings the developers would have to remove all trees, bushes and ground covering vegetation, dig out and remove the railway embankment, which would completely destroy the green space.

There have never been any houses or mews here before, and it would change the back lane into a street with traffic. The proposed courtyard houses are not in keeping with the buildings in the conservation area, nor to the required standard for new builds.

There have been 3 earlier planning proposals, which have been rejected due to the plot’s unsuitable position and size, as well as problems with access and traffic.

Therefore we ask you for your support, and by signing this petition request Glasgow Glasgow City Council Development and Regeneration Services to stop this development, and instead keep the railway embankment at Hayburn Lane as a green space and amenity for the good of the community!

Save green space, stop building in Hayburn Lane, Glasgow West End Conservation Area!

Save Hayburn Lane railway embankment from development. This land should remain green open space and not be built upon.

We, the undersigned, object to the planning application, ref no: 0900575DC for Hayburn Lane on the grounds that:

• It will destroy a local amenity, with trees and green space important for;
o the urban biodiversity and forms part of a wildlife corridor;
o the local community, including children’s recreational use;
o the character of the area and screening from the railway.

• It is contradictory to the Glasgow City Plan policy for development in back lanes.

• It will put more traffic and pressure on the already very congested streets in the area, especially on the only access route to Hayburn Lane.

• It is not in keeping with required standards in the West End Conservation Area.

We all strongly request that Glasgow City Council Development and Regeneration Services STOP this development by refusing planning permission.

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