Cape May County
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The skateboard and BMX riders in Southern, NJ have no legal places of their own to practice and ride. They are often ticketed and fined by the police because the parking lots and hand built sites that they practice in are not sanctioned by the city, county, or property owners, and are not safe places to play. The skate parks that were recently built are now being closed.

There are no legal facilities available for them other than the few parks that are still open. When people hop skate park fences they are charged with trespassing.

A BMX/skatepark provides a safe, fun family place to play. The cities have made baseball, basketball, tennis, and soccer facilities available for the children who have those interests. The skateboarders and BMX riders deserve the same consideration.

We, the residents of Southern, NJ request that the skateboard/bike parks remains in use.

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