Woollahra Local Planning Panel

Royal Sydney Golf Club (RSGC) currently has a development application before Woollahra Council to remove 569 mature canopy trees so it can turn the current Parkland course into a Links (wind swept treeless headland) Course. RSGC is in a valley on a swampy water course not a headland.

The DA will remove 569 mature canopy trees, 391 are Paperbarks which are swamp trees. The proposed replacement trees, while marginally greater in number are only heathland trees and shrubs so will in no way replace the 41,349m2 of lost canopy.

This is a forest of trees being destroyed in our neighbourhood.

We the undersign call on the Woollahra Local Planning Panel to Refuse DA 402/2019 at Royal Sydney Golf Course and save these mature trees for these reasons;
The loss of 569 mature trees which equates to 22% of the 2,468 existing trees and 50% of the existing tree canopy 41,349m2.
Over 70% of the trees still have a life expectancy of more than 50 years.
The loss of canopy will reduce the food and habitat for local and endangered wildlife.
The reduced canopy will increase the heat bank in the surrounding suburbs.
The removal of mature swamp trees will raise the water table resulting in an increased risk of flooding in the surrounding neighbourhoods
The DA does not satisfy the Woollahra Biodiversity Conservation Strategy and is not in the Public Interest

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