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Tackle football is a very popular sport for children, mostly boys, in the United States. Many children have very positive experiences from the game. They learn discipline, form strong bonds, gain a sense of belonging, and are being active. While there are benefits to children playing football, there are even more risks.

Many studies have shown that the brain goes through serious damage due to football. Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center did a study involving the brains of young boys that play tackle football versus those who don't. This study proved that players had changes in their brain matter. This study was done using young children, showing how hard even elementary age children are hitting. Also, the study was done after only one season of involvement, showing a short amount of exposure still has effects. The brain is such an important part of child development that it is irresponsible to allow children to be exposed to unnecessary trauma that will impact the brain so severely. Another study, done by Anderson, Brit L., et al. in the academic journal "High School Football Players' Knowledge and Attitudes about Concussions." showed that many players continue to play with concussion symptoms and not even report them, despite there being an increased awareness of concussions in players and coaches. The mentality of football will never change, which is why we must protect young children from playing tackle football. There are still many sports young children can play that give them the same benefits of football, and are safer for their well-being.

There is an abundance of youth football organizations in the United States, so what would happen to these if young children stopped playing football? The organizations would be banned, or would be forced to change. These organizations would be required to change their target age to around the high school age. Playing tackle football will always have risks; however, it is safe the older you get. They could also join will other youth sport organizations for a different sport. A result of having a bigger organization could be allowing a specific sport to become more available to lower economical areas without many official organizations. The organizations would become bigger and would be important in connecting children from many different backgrounds.

The change has to start local. These youth organizations must be banned by local governments. This will gain attention from surrounding cities, who will then also ban the organizations. After that the entire country will begin to catch on. Parents main goal in life is always to protect and provide for their children. Which is why my parents have already stopped signing their children up for youth football. As parents, guardians, or just anyone who cares for children and their development take a few seconds to sign my online petition. It could protect the brains of the future.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Cincinnati to ban youth football organizations.

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