Fingal County Council

Dear Members, Families, Friends & Supporters,

We still need YOUR help - please sign our Petition and encourage others to do so as well. Thank YOU in advance for supporting us. Here is our latest update 24/06/2017:

Our work continues to secure premises for the Club:
The Landlord has refused our 2nd offer with no compromise. We emailed our Elected Representatives to update them and ask them if there was nothing they could do to assist us. Of the Elected Representatives who replied to us, all know of the current situation and have offered what support they can. We are now working on another offer and we will see how it is received.

We met with Darragh O Brien TD & Cllr. Adrian Henchy Deputy Mayor of Fingal on Monday 19th in The 44 in Swords. Both were sympathetic to our situation and though they did not promise anything, Darragh did say he would try and arrange another meeting with the Council for us.

Renny was interviewed on NearFM 90.3FM on Tuesday. She talked about the benefits Karate has on our health and our Clubs difficulty in securing a permanent home. You can listen to the podcast here: http://nearfm.ie/podcast/?p=22342

We would like to say a big Thank You to everyone who has supported our Club so far. To everyone who has been our collecting signatures on our petition, thank you and well done. To everyone who has signed the Petition and sent us words of encouragement and offered their assistance – Thank You is all we can give but it is from the bottom of our hearts. It is heartening to have such support and we will continue to exhaust every possible option so that we do not have to close. Please continue to raise awareness of our situation and encourage people to sign our petition. The more signatures we have, the stronger our petition will be.

Petition Summary and Background:

Swords Karate Club (Hokubu Dojo) has been existence since 1986 and caters for over 120 members. Swords Karate Club (Hokubu Dojo) is also the Honbu Dojo for JKS Karate in Ireland and we organise and host many National and International events e.g. Technical Seminars, Competitions & Squad Training to name but a few.

We now face closure at the hands of a Hedge Fund who want to increase the rent by over 100% to €32,000 per annum.

We have approached our Council and asked them for the same assistance in finding a home in the community as they have given to other local clubs. The Council recently acquired and refurbished Sluagh Hall in Swords for use for the People of Swords. Currently two clubs Swords Boxing Club & Fingallians GAA have exclusive use of this public resource.

Action petitioned for:

We, the undersigned, are asking that Fingal County Council treat Swords Karate Club with the same Parity of Esteem as they have given to Swords Boxing Club and Fingallians GAA. We are asking that Swords Karate Club be allowed to share the facilities in Sluagh Hall with Swords Boxing Club & Fingallians GAA OR that they are given accommodation in the Community suitable to their needs just as Swords Boxing Club & Fingallians GAA have been given for theirs.

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