Children in Care Services, Birmingham City Council,
United Kingdom

Birmingham City Council are attempting to close a disability unit for vulnerable children's home as part of their cost cutting measures.

Reservoir Road Residential Care Home.
The Reservoir Road Residential Care Home is based in Birmingham and provides sheltered accommodation for 4 vulnerable children. The residents all have a variety of conditions such as Down syndrome, autism, ADHT, including behavioural problems, which require a 24 hour care service from the dedicated and caring staff.

Birmingham City Council Cut backs.
The council will make a decision on closing this home before the end of March 2017 and have consulted by ludicrously asking the parents if they can think about other ways that the council can save money. The children will be moved out of the Birmingham to location to cities and towns in the Midlands. The location of the new accommodation is currently unknown to the parents who are allowed to visit their children at least 3 days a week. Moving the children to locations outside of Birmingham will make it difficult for access by the children's parents, families and friends. The move will also be disruptive and distressing to the vulnerable children who benefit from routine visits from their parents.

What you can do.
The parents of the children are asking if you could please sign the petition which will be handed into the Councillor Peter Griffiths, Cabinet for Housing and Homes, Birmingham City Council, who will make the decision with the cabinet members. Moreover, if you can help to make this petition go viral through facebook, twitter and all other social media, it would really help. Please ask your friends to sign it and ask them to share it on their pages? Thank your for any help you can offer.

We, the undersigned, call on the Children in Care Services, Birmingham City Council to stop the closing of the Reservoir Road Residential Care Home for vulnerable children. We request that the council finds alternative ways for their cost cutting measures, which do not include closing services for vulnerable children, who rely on contact for their parents to speak up their needs.

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