Department for Transport & Main Roads

The Department for Transport & Main Roads (TMR) is to alter the Nicklin Way between Main Drive and Waterview Street which involves widening to 3 lanes, installation of traffic lights at production avenue and removal of all car parking on Nicklin Way, northbound and on Production Avenue.

The removal of parking will decimate local businesses on this stretch of Nicklin Way since an inability to park would mean a reduction in customers.

We would be very thankful if you would complete this petition, to be sent to TMR, in order to support the family businesses on this stretch of the Nicklin Way.

Thank you!

We, the undersigned, wish to support local businesses at 278-282 Nicklin Way, and request that TMR reconsider the removal of casual parking at these addresses. Removal will likely cause many of these businesses to close due to the inability of customers to park.

Thank you.

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