Superintendent Burns of East Hampton School District
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Superintendent Burns of East Hampton School District has forced Coach Lou Reale to retire from coaching the girls varsity softball team after 27 years. Mr. Burns has repeatedly ignored the majority of supporters for Coach Lou.

At the BOE meeting more than 50 people have shown up to speak in support, including ex players, current players, parents and colleagues, 2 people spoke against. Most of the supporters couldn't even show up due to prior commitments and the short notice given. Mr. Burns hasn't given any reason for his actions and doesn't plan to.

We all know this is a personal vendetta against Coach Lou Reale for a couple of years now. I personally have written 3 letters titled to the Superintendent and received zero response from him. Mr. Burns is a public figure and needs to hear the voices of the majority.

Coach Lou has impacted so many lives in positive ways to prepare them not just the game of softball, but he teaches them that nothing comes easy in life and you to work hard for it. My daughter has learned more from him in 1 season than the previous 5 seasons. I want him, along with many others in this community, reinstated.

Please help us get our voices heard and sign this petition.

Thank you

We, the undersigned, call on Superintendent Burns to reinstate Lou Reale to coach the East Hampton High School Girls Varsity Softball Team.

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