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Damien Green, UK Immigration Minister, William Hague, UK Foreign Minister, David Cameron, UK PM

Mayhar Meyari, 17, his brother Mehran Meyari, 20 and four other Iranian refugees have recently had their asylum applications turned down by the UK, despite overwhelming evidence that they would be almost certain to be imprisoned, and even executed, if forced to return to Iran.

They have been on hunger strike outside the UK Border Agency office, Lunar House, in Croydon, Surrey, since 5th April 2011, so desperate that three of them, including Mayhar, have sewn their lips together. The other hunger strikers are Ahmad Sadeghi, 55, Keyvan Bahari, 30, Kyavash Bahari, 26 and Morteza Bayat, 30. Keyvan has already been taken to hospital. All of them are here in the UK seeking refuge from the Iranian regime, which has persecuted them for their political beliefs.

Please read their story here:


Following the recent death of Kambiz Roustayi, an Iranian refugee who set himself on fire and died in Amsterdam on 16th April 2011, please sign this petition, to demand the UK Government start supporting refugees who face documented persecution to the Iranian regime. We cannot let any more refugees kill themselves because they are so desperate and not receiving the help they deserve and are legally entitled to.

We, the undersigned, call on Damien Green, William Hague and David Cameron, to intervene in the above cases and expedite their immediate settlement in the UK.

We furthermore call on the UK Government to accept that NO Iranian refugees should be returned to Iran and declare a prima facie case for this, taking into account all the information that this organization and others are able to provide for them.

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