#Human Rights
The Honorable Governor of Texas Greg Abbott and the Texas State Legislators
United States of America

Human Trafficking laws have been strengthened to punish perpetrators, but not enough has been done to aid survivors in the recovery process. They deserve Safe-Homes with specially trained staff and resources providing for physical and emotional healing.

We the Childress High School Chapter of Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America along with survivor Tonya Stafford are petitioning the state to appropriate and designate substantial financial resources towards building and sustaining safe homes for the survivors of human trafficking. Please sign the petition below!

Donate: www.igtbok.org

We, the undersigned, call on the Governor of Texas and the Texas State Legislators to appropriate and designate funding specifically to build and sustain a long-term infrastructure to house and care for the physical and mental needs of human trafficking survivors.

We call on you, our elected officials, to take action during the current legislative session and honor your commitment to help the victims recover and restore their humanity. It begins with you! It can end with you! You Can Be the Voice of the Trafficked!

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