For the past several YEARS, "Tom" or whomever handles the deletion of members on MySpace has been ridding roleplayers of their place. Roleplayers are simply actors and actresses, portraying a character(s) in a fictional fashion.

Those of whom never claim to be the person(s) they act as should not be penalized, marginalized, punished, and deleted as though they've done anything wrong.

This has been a persistent pest pecking at the backs of roleplayers for a long while and it needs to come to an end.

We, the undersigned, call to "Tom" and/or any other person(s) responsible for deletion of members on MySpace to cease in the deletion of innocent Roleplayers whom have not in any way broken their agreement to the Terms and Condition of the website.

All roleplayers who proclaim to NOT be the person within the photographs, videos, and/or other materials they are using as their character should NOT be deleted upon the basis of being someone they are not.

It should be a right as a human with an imagination and creativity to put to use those skills however you please as long as it does not harm yourselves or others. This should be relevant to ALL roleplay MySpace users, no matter their location/gender/race or otherwise.

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