#Children's Rights
Minister of Health Gan Kim Yong

The Sexuality FAQ presented on Health Promotion Board’s website – http://www.hpb.gov.sg/HOPPortal/health-article/HPB056342 – is questionable and objectionable. It has an implicit pro-homosexuality stance which I believe is detrimental to our society.

The Health Promotion Board is a trusted public service provider and for them to present unverifiable, pro-homosexuality, one-sided answers to the questions they post is not just an irresponsible act, but also a misuse of their public service position, platform and a blatant betrayal of public trust.

We note that even the High Court has upheld 377A as constitutional for a second time (http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/high-court-again-upholds-law-against-sex-between-gays) and the Judge had said that the issue of whether homosexuals are born or made is “at least arguable and debatable”.

We regret to read of HPB’s committed stand with statements like “sexual orientation has no bearing on mental health or emotional stability.”

We understand that homosexuality is a sensitive, complicated subject so scientifically verifiable facts and statistics must be sought to move the debate forward constructively. Following public moods, popular trends or making unsubstantiated statements will not help to bring clarity on the issue at all, nullifying the very purpose of the FAQ itself.

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We urge Minister Gan Kim Yong to conduct a thorough, non-biased, comprehensive review of the website’s information as it dangerously promotes homosexuality.

The elected government of Singapore owes its citizens the responsibility to do thorough comprehensive research before they take such a committed stand as taken by the Health Promotion Board.

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