Target:, TNT Staff & Viacom.
Website: replaced suspending users with a feature in which they silence you for a certain amount of time. 24 hours all the way up to 100+ hours. This feature while intended to benefit their effort to keep communication to a family friendly style, has backfired and is silencing countless loyal users for frivolous reasons.

We want, the TNT Staff and Viacom to remove this suspension program because we feel it is abusing the users of the site. Some users like myself have been members for over ten years and were the victims of this undeserving punishment by having our accounts either wrongfully temporarily silenced or permanently silenced. We feel that this is a ploy to increase or "pump" their user numbers up to increase their advertising and successfulness of the sites user base by making users not use one account but remain active on more than one account. One as their silenced main and the other as their communication account.

We came to neopets years ago as children and now we're the victims of a malicious suspension program that is used in an effort to keep the site accessible to children. We want this site to be appropriate for all ages, profit and remain open so we can enjoy it. But we cannot allow this procedure to continue in which you silence us. It infringes against our freedoms in more than one country of speech.

As loyal and committed users to the site, feel wronged by the people who we entrusted for so many years and profited off our activity, to eliminate the suspension program of silencing users permanently.

This petition is important because we are the heart of neopets, we are the ones who log in and stay on for hours a day, only to be treated this way by people we trust.

You can find another way to carry out your goal than wrongfully punishing those who are keeping you in business or we will no longer allow you to profit off of our hours of sacrifice to continue using a site which has:

- decreased in users
- overly abused the site with many ads
- created an environment where nothing is fun
- overly abused users with freezings and silencings to the point where no one is enjoying their neopets experience.
- silenced us wrongfully, and devalued our freedom of expression to an inhumane level.

We will not continue to support you if you do not do something to keep us here. We want you to do well but not if you aren't willing to do the same for us. Remove the silencing function off Find a better way than dehumanizing the people who keep you in business.

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