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United States of America

Congress can not get along and refuses to have the citizens best interest in mind. They ignore the US Constitution and continually make laws that they declare themselves exempt from.

They are constantly campaigning and rarely choose to vote away from party lines.

All congressmen and congresswomen need to be removed from office:

Upon electing a new congress; the following new rules will be in place:

1. Term Limits of (2) 4 year terms;

2. Campaigning can only occur within 3 months preceding an election;

3. Congress shall make no law that they are exempt from;

4. Members of congress will be given a government subsidy and will be able to choose a health plan from the affordable care act plans online;

5. Members of Congress will only be paid for their time in office;

6. They will no longer receive any retirement benefits besides social security;

7. Congress will no longer be able to give themselves a raise; their salary will only increase at the same rate social security increases;

8. Congress will not get paid if a balanced budget can not be agreed on;

9. If the government is shut down or refuses to pay its bills; all members of congress will be removed from their post and will be stripped of all pay and benefits.

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