High School

• Every day, one in five school students in Australia experience racism. Every day there’s many students are getting racism about the culture what their skin colour, I really thing this should not happened, every one of us should learn to respect others and they culture.
Racism is present in Australian schools. Direct racism can be seen in incidents of racist abuse, harassment and discrimination. Racism is also manifested indirectly, in the form of prejudiced attitudes, lack of recognition of cultural diversity and culturally biased practices.

Speaking up against racism
It is difficult to talk to people have a different opinion to you about racism – particularly if you feel strongly about your beliefs less than others. A tip I recommend for avoiding an argument is to never call somebody a racist. If you do this, the person will become defensive don’t want to listen. Instead, you should tell them that you disagree with what they have said, and explain why. You should only criticise the comment, not the person.

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