#Civil Rights
Governor Jerry Brown
United States of America

We the concerned citizens of California are opposed to SB277, which mandates vaccinations for all school age children who do not possess a medical exemption.

We believe that it is unethical to mandate any type of medical intervention where there are known risks and side effects and where there is no liability. We are aware of Federal court case: United States of America vs. Merck, 2:10-cv-04374-CDJ, currently underway concerning the safety and efficacy of the MMR Vaccine by the Pharmaceutical giant, Merck. We know that whistleblowers have come forward with falsified studies in regard to this particular vaccine.

Because vaccines fall into the category of "unavoidably unsafe", families should always maintain the right to choose and their choices should be respected and preserved.

We, the undersigned, oppose SB277 and are asking that mandatory vaccinations be prohibited in the State of California.

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