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Lofts On Post Oak Owners and/or Residents
United States of America

Mo's restaurant brought to our neighborhood a venue for steaks; however, it brought along with it considerable traffic and significant amount of noise to LOPO’s owners and residents.

Several of us, LOPO owners and residents, brought the issue forward during past HOA meetings but minimal action has been taken by the HOA Board in this regard.

HOA Board has dismissed the issue partly because it says that not too many residents have complained about the issue.

HOA Board suggested to residents who complained to take up and deal with the issue individually by complaining to city authorities (ex. police).

It is the HOA Board's responsibility to serve and protect the interests of the Lofts On Post Oak condominium and its owners/residents.

The intolerable noise and increased traffic not only disrupts the well being of LOPO's residents, but it also has negative financial impacts on the value of over 100 units of LOPO that are adjacent to Mo's.

Potential buyers would NOT want to buy a unit that is adjacent to a plaza bustling with cars, music and chatter from late afternoon until passed midnight every single evening of the week.

We, Lofts On Post ak Owners and/or residents, confirm that the intolerable noise and trafficc from Mo's is in fact a significant issue for all of us and we demand that the HOA Board takes formal actions to deal with and resolve this issue on our behalf.

We demand that at least the following actions be taken by the HOA Board:

1. Write a formal letter to Mo's and its managmenent stating that:

    A. The level of noise and traffic from its location is intolerable.
    B. The noise and traffic has disrupted LOPO's owners and residents' well being.
    C. The noise and traffic has potential negative impact on the value of the units adjacent to Mo's
    D. Further complaints to the City of Houston will be made
    E. LOPO HOA Board and residents will use every legal channel to remedy this issue.
2. Mo's will not be invited by LOPO to sponsor any event until the noise and traffic issue is resolved.

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