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Thomas Gazsi, in charge of overseeing Los Angeles Port Police
United States of America

Please sign this petition requesting the Port of Los Angeles Police to be a consistent patrolling presence on the block where the Port of Los Angeles High School is located next to the Port Police station, to manage traffic during peak hours to keep our children and families safe.

We, the parents and neighbors of Port of Los Angeles High School, as citizens who care about the safety and well-being of our students and of all people living, working, and visiting the 200 block of West 5th Street, request Thomas Gazsi, Deputy Executive Director and Chief of Public Safety and Emergency Management in charge of overseeing the Los Angeles Port Police, immediately employ the presence of police officers to help address and control the long-term traffic safety problem. This chronic safety issue is caused by unsafe drivers and pedestrians, and affects all people on this entire block - the same block on which your own building stands next to the Port of Los Angeles High School, especially on 5th street between Centre and Mesa Streets.

We feel urgency for police presence on a MAJORITY OF DAYS every week during the school year, Monday through Friday, within the hours of 7:30AM - 8:30 AM, and 2:45PM - 3:45PM. We understand we are asking Port of Los Angeles Police to do their part to enforcement local public safety statutes to secure a safe environment during these highly congested local commute hours.

We implore you to protect our families and students from the hazardous and illegal activities taking place every day during these hours and in plain view of your police station. Some of the chronic hazardous activities include: blatant disregard of laws, ignoring rules of the road, speeding, cruising, illegal u-turns, jaywalking, double parking, parking in red zones and other illegal areas causing blind spots for drivers and pedestrians, and sidewalk blocks causing students to walk in the street

We call on the Los Angeles Port Police to show up for your next-door neighbors and immediate neighborhood and do your part to ensure the health and ease of our community within your jurisdiction. We look forward to the Los Angeles Port Police fulfilling the promise to provide “considerable public and community contact and cooperation,” to “responsibly enforce our local public safety statues” to support safe conditions for students pedestrians and commuters during these very busy hours.

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