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Jason Herzog is the arbitrator again for this flyweight challenge and Alvarez turns out with a low kick to the calf. Alvarez lands a couple of all the more low kicks however Day returns appropriate with a noisy leg kick of his own. Day runs with a turning kick to the chest yet Alvarez shakes it off and reacts with another low kick. Day breaks the TUF 24 veteran with a left snare, however Alvarez strolls directly through it and associates with a correct upstairs and a couple of low kicks. Alvarez keeps on hacking endlessly at his adversary's legs, yet Day is unbothered and answers with a kick to the stomach and a left snare to the arch. The two trade some strong punches against the enclosure, yet Alvarez chooses to take his adversary to the ground. Alvarez is on top in monitor and afterward hammers a terrible appropriate to the head. Day is disoriented, which makes Alvarez keep on hammering endlessly with strikes. Day recoups, yet he's cut underneath his left eye late in the round. The Hawaiian pulls out all the stops, detonates to his feet and scores his very own takedown. He handles another similarly as the round closures. 10-9 Alvarez.

Day comes inside with a leg kick, yet Alvarez drills him with a privilege to the jaw. Day's legs rubber treat immediately and Alvarez detonates with a whirlwind. From that point, Day falters onto his back and Alvarez jumps on him. Amid the following scramble, Day surrenders his back and the Floridian squanders no time in going for the back exposed stifle. Alvarez hitters his adversaries from behind with punches to the melon and Day is experiencing issues in breaking free. Day at long last wriggles free and twists around to his knees and Alvarez slips off his back. Not having any desire to give him a chance to go down, Jaime jumps into the Hawaiian's monitor with around two minutes remaining. Alvarez detonates with some frightful ground-n-pound, slamming punches to Day's head. With 45 seconds left, Day scrambles to his feet and seizes Alvarez' back. He loses his position and tumbles off, driving Alvarez back on top until the finish of the round. 10-9 Alvarez.

Day misses a turning high kick nearly when the round starts. Alvarez counters with a left-right, however his punches don't arrive. The two men are worn out ahead of schedule in the edge and are stacking up with single strikes. The Hawaiian hammers his correct jaw into Alvarez's ribs, yet the TUF 24 vet answers with a left snare upstairs. Day associates with a left up top again and Alvarez is harmed. Day pummels two more punches to the take as Alvarez backs off, hoping to clear his head. Alvarez misses a straight right and needs to swallow a left-appropriate for his exertion. Alvarez is in full survival mode as Day pursues him around the Octagon. A turning kick to the body from Day, trailed by a left snare to the liver. Alvarez is stuck in an unfortunate situation and doesn't not have the vitality to flame back. Another turning kick to the digestion tracts with a moment left. Alvarez has been on his bicycle totally for about three minutes as Day is gunning for the knockout. With 10 seconds left, Alvarez does only step back. Day wins it 10-8.


[Please] UFC 215 Live Stream Johnson vs Borg Online HD

[Please] UFC 215 Live Stream Johnson vs Borg Online

[Please] UFC 215 Live Stream Johnson vs Borg

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