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For thousands of years it appears that mankind has been obsessed with war. The focal point of historical development as taught in most countries is largely war or other major conflict.

In 2007, Wikipedia catalogued six major wars – ‘causing destruction of outstanding severity’ –and 27 ‘other conflicts – some on-going for more than sixty years!

In the 1914-18 World War less than 5% of casualties were civilians; now, more than 75% are non-combatants.

The military action of Georgia against South Ossetia on 8.8.08 raised the spectre of all enveloping global conflict once more.

Israel continues to stoke the fires for (nuclear!) war with Iran

Obama is already talking of more troops for Afghanistan

Why does a species that has learned to sail the seas in ships of steel, fly through the air like birds, eradicate diseases, and beam sound and pictures around the planet prove unable to master the simple art of peaceful co-existence?

The Alternative - The Solution

Isn’t it time to speak out for what the ordinary man or woman has come to know full well, but our ‘leaders’ seem incapable of understanding: war solves nothing.

It never has and never will.

Sons and daughters, husbands and wives are the inevitable victims of a handful of individuals who create the conditions of war to get away with what at other times would be indefensible.

Yes, as Robert MacNamara observed, “At times, we may have to live with an imperfect, untidy world.” But diplomacy, discussion, engagement to seek a win-win situation for the good of all is the only solution to disagreement.

Why now?

There are those behind the US Government pushing for global hegemony. War may be their way of 'saving the dollar'. The sovereignty of Russia and China will be threatened. The US has neither the wealth nor the forces for a conventional conflict, but it does have a stockpile of nuclear weapons - standing idle as it were.

Be advised: We, the ordinary citizens of this Earth will no longer fight, support, or otherwise engage in war or mortal conflict of any sort.

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