Indian Ponds Association, Inc.
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Our recent experience with the Barnstable Conservation Commission revealed some potential exposures to the three Indian Ponds that we would like to address.
First, their regulations regarding docks in freshwater ponds only recommend that the docks be seasonal and does not require as such.
Secondly, they have authorized the permanent installation of Helical Pylons for a seasonal dock which when used for seasonal docks will be a hazard to boaters, kayakers, paddleboard users and swimmers as they create a protrusion up to 18” from the bottom of the pond.
We need a show of support that the homeowners within the Indian Ponds Association’s footprint do not want these two items; permanent docks and permanent Helical Pylons for seasonal docks, to be allowed in the three Indian Ponds.
Once we have this show of support, we will approach the Barnstable Town Council and the Barnstable Conservation Commission to codify this prohibition for our three ponds. We will also utilize this show of support when an if a license application is filed with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental
Conservation for the seasonal dock with permanent Helical pylons that was approved by the Barnstable Conservation Commission and now needs a MassDEP license before it is installed.
To obtain this show of support, we have drafted the following petition which we are asking all the homeowners within the Indian Ponds Association footprint to sign. Your support is vital to our success in addressing these two issues.

WHEREAS:: The Indian Ponds Association represents approximately 600 landowners that lay within the boundaries of the Indian Ponds Association footprint.
WHEREAS:: The charter of the Indian Ponds Association is to protect the ecological and esthetic well-being of the ponds and to preserve their use for the safe enjoyment of the public.
WHEREAS: The Barnstable Conservation Commission Guidelines for Private Freshwater Docks, Piers & Floats in Section 1 determines that: “The pier should be seasonally deployed no earlier than April 1 and removed no later than November 1”.
WHEREAS::: Any fixture permanently installed that extends above the bottom of the lake more than 1” without a structure covering it, potentially represents a significant safety hazard for anyone that might be kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddle boarding, or swimming, all of which are ecologically friendly activities encouraged by the Indian Ponds Association.
WHEREAS: Helical pylons installed as a support for a temporary dock represents a safety hazard when the dock is removed for storage in the off season as they may protrude as much as 24” above the bottom of the lake/pond, whereby either kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, or a person
could strike the pylon with potentially catastrophic results.
WHEREAS: The three Indian Ponds do not have tidal flows, are not subjected to high wave action and the motor limit on the lake is 9.9 hp, reducing the potential for boat related wave action. The use of fixtures such as permanently installed Helical pylons or other similar underwater structure to support a seasonal dock is not required from an engineering or structural prospective.
THEREFORE: The Indian Ponds Association respectively petitions the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection under the authority of the Waterways Protection Act, Chapter 91, and the Barnstable Conservation Commission to prohibit the installation of any new permanent docks and of any permanent structure that leaves a protrusion greater that 1” from the bottom of
the pond/lake for the installation and support of any temporary dock or for a similar purpose within the three Indian Ponds; Mystic Lake, Middle Pond, and Hamblin Pond. We furthermore request that this prohibition apply to all pending and future license applications under this Chapter at the time of receipt of this petition.

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